We bring together extraordinary people like you to build a better working world.
The international team of specialists in the EU and the CIS, helping businesses find the right answers to any legal questions - this is Antwort Law. We have no equal in legal and tax support of international IT, financial and investment projects.

We speak the same language with our clients and are focused on results: only real and working solutions, not theoretical answers.

Become part of our cool team! We have interesting tasks and no bureaucracy, projects that are in demand and useful for the market. We take care of our employees and their opinions. Work hard - do best!
Company values
High level
Openness to new directions
Be relevant
For specialists
Bonuses and salary increases, depending on the tasks performed
Opportunity to develop in the direction of interest/open a new direction
For trainees
Experience in international law
Opportunity to learn the current situation in the field
Flexible schedule during the day, aimed at completing all tasks on time (before the deadline)
Be on the crest of a wave on the current situation in international law
Various projects
Decent salary
Remote work, freedom of action and residence in any country
Agreement = work under a contract = willingness to cooperate in any form of contractual relationship GPC/IP/Self-employed/Entrepreneurship (everything without a work book, depending on the country)
Benefits for professionals
  1. Opportunity to launch your own direction within the company (for experienced specialists) and become a Head in this department
  2. % of profit on closed projects for experienced professionals who led this project / projects
  3. HR and support from Partners
  4. The ability to use the company's tools for work (advertising, partners, other communication channels, customer search)
  5. For very experienced and ready to expand = partnership
  6. Exchange of experience between professionals of the same level
Benefits for Interns
  1. Experience in international law/relevant work experience and opportunity to learn the current situation
  2. All tasks are practical, all experience is relevant
  3. Opportunity to learn how to perform basic tasks with high quality
  4. Possibility of further cooperation with Antwort Law
  5. An internship may be rewarded in a certain situation
  6. For those who want to get real experience, and not close the practice at the university
Employment and stages
  1. Send resume, first contact
  2. Test task (required for any vacancy; all situations are fictitious)
  3. Interview (one stage) - with a specialized specialist (+ director if necessary), online with video
  4. Offer
If you did not find a suitable vacancy for you, please send your CV
We are always ready to consider experienced specialists or trainees. Tell us about yourself and your experience and we will contact you.
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