Foreign companies and accounts

Assistance in the selection of local directors and employees

Having a real office and employees in the other side will help facilitate the work of your business. Substance (presence) — the real economic presence of the company in the country of tax residence, which gives the taxpayer the opportunity to prove that the company carries out real economic activities at the place of its registration. The criteria for confirming economic presence in different countries may differ. To observe all the features, please contact us. Antwort has created substance for more than 100 of our clients in 20 countries around the world.

Antwort not only helps to create a real office in another country, but also offers high-quality and prompt selection of foreign employees for your company. We select employees of any profile in any country of the world. Our KYC procedures will help you choose only professional and qualified employees for our clients. If your fintech project needs a local qualified director, an AML officer or an international accounting accountant, then we will be happy to offer you candidates from our database. We are looking for employees not only to confirm the substance of companies, but also real employees for your project. Often, for the purposes of our clients, we outsource personnel, our company also provides the service of outstaffing foreign personnel.

The professionalism of Antwort specialists allows you to register foreign employees in the staff of your third-party company and ensure compliance with the norms of legislation in the field of migration policy, labor and financial law in any country of the world.

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07.03.2024, 09:57
How do you register a company in the UAE?
Registering a company in the UAE is an opportunity to enter the global market with minimal tax obligations. This country provides zero or very low-income tax, fast registration, 100% company control, modern infrastructure, and the possibility of obtaining a resident visa. Antwort Law specializes in providing clients with everything they need to launch a successful international business in the UAE. Let's look at the basic stages of registering a company in this country.
13.03.2024, 11:36
Why is buying a ready-made company in Spain more profitable?
If you want to start a business in Spain, setting up a company from scratch can take significant time and resources. However, with Antwort Law, you can bypass this complexity by acquiring an existing company from among the promising offers. Let's look at the main advantage of this approach compared to starting a new company.
20.03.2024, 10:52
International trust in the UAE has increased: the country's removal from the FATF gray list
The UAE has taken a significant step in strengthening its status in the global economy: the country was removed from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gray list, an international organization that develops and promotes measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The decision was taken at the last FATF meeting held in Paris on February 23, 2024. Thus, the international regulator recognized the efforts of the UAE in the field of ensuring financial stability and security.
21.03.2024, 11:03
Choosing a place to register a business: Europe, Asia, USA or UAE?
Opening a business in another country is becoming increasingly accessible and attractive to entrepreneurs. The choice of location for a business is determined by many factors. In this article, the Antwort Law team will look at the importance of choosing the right location to open a business in Europe, Asia, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.
15.04.2024, 09:50
How to buy a shelf company in the UK
The UK is one of the most popular jurisdictions, and its business reputation, climate, entrepreneurial culture, and government preferences enable entrepreneurs to develop their businesses immediately at the international level. However, starting a company here may take more time and effort than it might seem at first glance, but rather a rather long process that will distract you from starting a business. If time is valuable to you, Antwort Law is ready to offer the best solution - purchasing a company already registered and prepared to work in the UK.
29.04.2024, 11:51
How to choose a local office in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to be one of the most attractive destinations for international business and choosing office space here is an important consideration that requires careful consideration and careful planning. As experts in the UAE, Antwort Law is pleased to advise clients and visitors to our website in this area.
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