Support of investment projects

Creation of investment funds

Investment funds as collective investments with the involvement of qualified asset managers are the most popular ways of investing.

An investment fund is a company whose activities are aimed at making collective investments in financial and non–financial assets, which is possible as a result of measures aimed at preserving and increasing the savings of investors' funds, which are individuals or legal entities, by investing these funds, on behalf of the company, in securities, as well as in bank accounts and in deposits.

The main advantages of investment funds are determined by the collective nature of investments and qualified management by professional market participants. In particular, due to investments in various financial market instruments, risk diversification is ensured, as well as reducing the costs of operations on the securities market.

The main task of the Antwort team is to choose the right and most favorable jurisdiction for the foundation establishment. For our clients, we conduct a comparative analysis of various jurisdictions and organizational and legal forms for the establishment of a fund/trustee in terms of regulatory, administrative and tax burden. Antwort will develop for you an effective fund management model, a remuneration structure for managers, as well as a system of balanced protection of the interests of the fund's investors.

We will fully provide comprehensive legal support for the establishment of investment funds, including interaction with local infrastructure contractors (administrators, depositories), conduct a "compliance" procedure, prepare financial and tax reports.

We will register a professional or private foundation for you, depending on your goals, in the most respectable jurisdictions: Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ireland, Gibraltar, Malta, the Cayman Islands.

Contact us if you need help choosing the most effective form of investment fund. We will find the right solution for you and create a working structure. Antwort will support you and your ideas!

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