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Policy preparation

A website or a platform are integral parts of a modern business. A corporate website is often used as a "business card", but many companies have turned their website into a functional sales and service delivery tool. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a working site without a set of relevant policies: privacy policy, cookie policy, site usage rules, etc.

If you have a financial company, then the set of mandatory policies becomes more expanded.Antwort company specializes in supporting IT projects and financial businesses, so we know everything about writing policies.

Our software services include both preparation and verification of the following types of policies:

1. Privacy Policy
2. Cookie Policy
3. Site Usage Rules
4. Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)
5. Know Your Customer Policy (KYC)
6. Refund Policy
7. Risk Notification

If the policy you are interested in is not in the list presented above, contact Antwort specialists with the relevant question, and we will find a solution for you!

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25.12.2023, 12:05
Cookies Policy
02.02.2024, 14:28
Terms of use
12.02.2024, 10:23
Policies for the company website: which ones and who needs them
If your foreign company offers goods or services on its website, and even if it uses it solely as a platform for publishing news, it is important to have all the necessary documentation for the legal and safe operation of this platform. It is not just a recommendation but a critical element to ensure company protection and compliance with international laws. Some companies work without these documents, but, as a rule, this lasts until the first dissatisfied client or inspection by a regulatory authority.
12.02.2024, 14:06
Updating corporate documents of foreign companies: necessity or formality?
Each foreign company has a set of basic documents that banks, counterparties, clients and government or licensing authorities can request at any time. Regularly updating these documents, at least once a year, is an important rule. It will ensure you complete transactions, such as opening accounts, smoothly and quickly without wasting time due to out-of-date documents.
15.02.2024, 11:09
Registering a merchant company on Amazon: why do you need the help of a lawyer
Amazon sellers face a variety of regulatory requirements, especially in areas such as product safety, labeling, and import regulations. However, going through the legal compliance procedure for a company is an equally complex process that requires careful understanding and compliance with many regulatory rules. Amazon also uses a series of verifications and machine learning to prevent unscrupulous sellers from registering.
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