Foreign companies and accounts

Selection of jurisdiction for company registration

The choice of jurisdiction determines the entire history of the company's development. The company's future taxes directly depend on the country of registration. It is important to make the right choice at the stage of company registration. Antwort lawyers select the jurisdiction according to your needs and business interests.

ANTWORT Company registers companies in more than 50 countries. Choosing the right jurisdiction is one of the most important steps when starting a business. The country of registration will determine your subsequent tax burden, and our team will help you save on taxes.
Also, the choice of the country when registering affects your future expenses for the maintenance of the company. The cost of renewal and additional expenses is different everywhere. We will tell you about all the pitfalls and choose the right jurisdiction for your business to avoid unnecessary costs.

When choosing a jurisdiction, not only effective taxation is important, but also the reputation of the jurisdiction itself. The possible choice of banks to open an account depends on the reputation of the country of registration of your company.
We, the Antwort team, listen to the needs of our customers, listen to all wishes, define goals and prospects. After a full analysis of the client's wishes for the project, we offer an effective solution for you and your business. The Antwort team will be happy to select for you a "golden" jurisdiction for your business.

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03.11.2023, 14:25
Is Singapore the best alternative to the UAE for setting up a company?
Singapore, though distant, holds its allure – is it worth registering a company in this country today?
03.01.2024, 12:22
Benefits of connecting a local number for foreign businesses
When opening an account for a foreign company, it is very important to consider modern banking circumstances. Our practice shows that a local corporate number is an integral part of the successful functioning of a company for two key reasons, which we will discuss in our article using the example of a company in the USA.
15.01.2024, 10:04
Purchase of a ready-made foreign company
In the context of international business, not all entrepreneurs know that to launch a company abroad, it is unnecessary to do everything from scratch - from registering and obtaining a legal address to opening a bank account. There is an effective alternative - the acquisition of a turnkey company. In our article, we reveal why this option may be attractive for whom, what potential difficulties may arise, and how to implement this process.
05.02.2024, 11:40
Why might a local business need a foreign company?
The rapidly changing geopolitical situation, the growth of international markets and the search for new ways to increase sales are drawing the attention of entrepreneurs to the possibility of opening a foreign company. In this article we will consider in what cases a local business really needs a foreign company.
26.02.2024, 15:34
Ukrainian business in the conditions of war and why businessmen are forced to open companies abroad
Ukraine, like many other countries, is influenced by domestic and foreign political factors. The most significant factor today is war. It led to the introduction of a number of restrictions that have a significant impact on the business environment in Ukraine. Read the new article from the Antwort Law team about which restrictions lead to the fact that Ukrainian businesses have to open a company abroad.
04.03.2024, 11:05
Choosing a free zone for registering a company in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world not only with one of the most favourable income tax rates but also with an outstanding banking sector, innovative infrastructure and the opportunity to obtain tax residency through company registration and avoid the international exchange of tax information.
13.03.2024, 11:36
Why is buying a ready-made company in Spain more profitable?
If you want to start a business in Spain, setting up a company from scratch can take significant time and resources. However, with Antwort Law, you can bypass this complexity by acquiring an existing company from among the promising offers. Let's look at the main advantage of this approach compared to starting a new company.
20.03.2024, 10:52
International trust in the UAE has increased: the country's removal from the FATF gray list
The UAE has taken a significant step in strengthening its status in the global economy: the country was removed from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gray list, an international organization that develops and promotes measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The decision was taken at the last FATF meeting held in Paris on February 23, 2024. Thus, the international regulator recognized the efforts of the UAE in the field of ensuring financial stability and security.
21.03.2024, 11:03
Choosing a place to register a business: Europe, Asia, USA or UAE?
Opening a business in another country is becoming increasingly accessible and attractive to entrepreneurs. The choice of location for a business is determined by many factors. In this article, the Antwort Law team will look at the importance of choosing the right location to open a business in Europe, Asia, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.
01.04.2024, 14:34
Rules of substance (economic presence; substance ) of a company in the UAE: what do you need to know?
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and investors worldwide due to its favourable business climate and constant desire for development, reflected in zero income taxes, speed and automation of business processes. However, according to the UAE Economic Substance Rules, companies must maintain substance (economic presence) to operate in the UAE. Let's examine the UAE's main standard requirements for substance with Antwort Law.
15.04.2024, 09:50
How to buy a shelf company in the UK
The UK is one of the most popular jurisdictions, and its business reputation, climate, entrepreneurial culture, and government preferences enable entrepreneurs to develop their businesses immediately at the international level. However, starting a company here may take more time and effort than it might seem at first glance, but rather a rather long process that will distract you from starting a business. If time is valuable to you, Antwort Law is ready to offer the best solution - purchasing a company already registered and prepared to work in the UK.
17.04.2024, 13:59
Doing business in the UAE: cultural and legal features
The UAE, a country of seven emirates on the Persian Gulf coast, has emerged in recent decades as an important international hub for business and investment. Its favorable business environment, attractive tax system and strategic location attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, when doing business in the UAE, it is necessary to take into account both the cultural and legal features of this country, on the understanding of which your success depends. Let's take a closer look at these aspects with Antwort Law.
24.04.2024, 09:20
Offshores: is it worth registering in 2024?
In 2024, the topic of offshore companies continues to be the focus of attention of entrepreneurs and investors worldwide due to the optimisation of taxes, confidentiality and simplified corporate reporting of such structures. However, global changes in international tax regulation and transparency policies are forcing us to rethink strategies for doing business through offshore companies. Antwort Law has extensive experience working with offshore jurisdictions. We will happily tell you what factors should be considered in 2024 before registering such a company.
29.04.2024, 11:51
How to choose a local office in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to be one of the most attractive destinations for international business and choosing office space here is an important consideration that requires careful consideration and careful planning. As experts in the UAE, Antwort Law is pleased to advise clients and visitors to our website in this area.
06.05.2024, 11:18
The cost of registering companies in Britain has increased from May 1, 2024!
The cost of registering companies in Britain has increased from May 1, 2024! This is due to the increase in official fees of the Register of Companies of Great Britain - Companies House. Also, the price increase affected other services of the Register, such as making changes, submitting reports and liquidating the company. Depending on the specific service, the cost of official fees has increased by 2-3 times.
08.05.2024, 10:48
Business abroad: tax aspects and advice
Now many people want or are forced to start a new life abroad, and start by starting their own business. This requires an understanding of foreign tax rules and laws. Therefore, the Antwort Law team has prepared a useful article for entrepreneurs just starting their journey abroad.
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