Support of investment projects

Investments, financial instruments and crowdfunding?

Legal support of any investment projects goes far beyond the usual licensing. In addition to obtaining a license, you need to find answers to many related legal questions.

How to properly organize the reception of investments? What requirements must an advertisement meet? How to organize an affiliate program? How to establish and organize a fund? Each investment project has unique features, so we find answers to these questions individually for you.

Why entrust the implementation of your investment project to Antwort? We will help you properly structure your project and select a working solution for you, not a dummy scheme. Moreover, in addition to structuring investment projects, we are engaged in their direct implementation - from the preparation of all documents, forms, policies and contracts, to the selection of qualified personnel and accompanying you to an interview with a financial regulator.

Antwort's experience includes the creation of investment funds in the EU, Asia, the UAE and offshore, the organization of crowdfunding platforms and the registration of public joint stock companies to invest in targeted projects.

If you need legal support for investment projects from experienced consultants, you should contact Antwort.

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