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In the process of doing international business, a variety of legal issues can arise: draw up a contract, check your potential contractor or deal, get an answer in accordance with the laws of another country. The solution of these issues can only be entrusted to lawyers with international qualifications, with the necessary experience and professionalism.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of Antwort specialists in head offices around the world (Kyiv, Warsaw and London), we can solve any, even the most non-standard tasks and cases.

Do you want to make sure that the contract from your partner does not carry hidden risks? Do you need to get a notary's certification in a foreign language, and the nearest notaries refuse to help you? Or do you want to structure a complex international deal? Nothing is impossible if you entrust the legal support of your business to Antwort!

We advise on the drafting of contracts, international sanctions, investments, registration of real estate for foreign companies, international transactions, obtaining foreign citizenship and residence permits (permits), corporate mergers and acquisitions, and provide a full range of international legal services.

The complexity of the question does not matter - when the right answer is important, Antwort has it.

Do I need a financial institution license?
There is a wide variety of financial companies involved in regulated activities. Most of them require an appropriate license.
How long does it take to open a corporate account abroad?
Opening a foreign corporate account takes from 2 weeks to 3 months. This is due to the requirements of financial regulators for banks and payment systems to conduct thorough and multi-stage checks of their clients. The final account opening time depends on various factors, such as the country, the type of business, the choice of the bank, the nationality of the founder and director, public information about them and the company, the availability of a complete set of documents, and other factors.
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