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Residence permit, citizenship and investment visas

Obtaining a foreign citizenship or residence permit is not only an opportunity to move to another country, but also an excellent tool for tax optimization, as well as an opportunity to avoid the exchange of tax information.

CIS citizens in many foreign banks are included in a special risk group, so that the operations of these individuals and related companies undergo additional checks, which leads, at least, to delays in sending and receiving payments. Obtaining a second citizenship or a foreign residence permit (residence permit) in a respectable country will help simplify work with banks. If, at the same time, the country of registration of your foreign company coincides with the country of the second citizenship or residence permit, then this will also serve as additional proof that the company is real, it has an economic presence (substence) and will open the doors of many new banks for you.

Antwort company provides a full range of services for obtaining foreign citizenship and residence permits, as well as accompanies obtaining investment visas. Our services include:

1. Consulting and selection of the country for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship
2. Preparation and submission of all necessary documents
3. Support for interviews
4. Assistance in the selection and rental of housing in foreign countries.

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06.02.2024, 15:13
E-2 visa to the USA – why is this type of visa most convenient for businessmen?
A developed economy, a favorable business climate, an innovative culture and a large consumer market make the United States one of the most attractive countries for doing business. The United States provides several types of visas that allow foreigners to conduct business in the country. In the article we will give a brief overview of popular visas and pay special attention to the E-2 visa (Treaty Investor Visa), its advantages for an entrepreneur, features and conditions for obtaining.
21.03.2024, 11:03
Choosing a place to register a business: Europe, Asia, USA or UAE?
Opening a business in another country is becoming increasingly accessible and attractive to entrepreneurs. The choice of location for a business is determined by many factors. In this article, the Antwort Law team will look at the importance of choosing the right location to open a business in Europe, Asia, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.
25.03.2024, 12:13
The process of obtaining an Emirates ID in the UAE: a detailed guide
The UAE has a booming economy and a high standard of living. Obtaining resident status and opening bank accounts here will be an important step for those planning to invest or develop a business in the region. Antwort Law is happy to assist you at every stage of legal adaptation in the country of your business, and this article provides recommendations to facilitate the process of obtaining an identification document (ID) in the UAE and opening local bank accounts. This short guide will detail every step of this important process, providing you with all the necessary information and guidance.
03.04.2024, 11:28
Which visa is best for the UAE?
In a world where business opportunities are rapidly expanding, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming an integral part of the global economic landscape. Known for its financial centres, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the region is a magnet for businessmen and corporations worldwide. Before you enter this world of business, you need the key - a visa. This country provides a wide range of visa categories tailored to suit different purposes of visits, from tourism and business meetings to work and family reunions. Let's look with Antwort Law at the main types of visas available in the UAE, their characteristics, costs and recommendations for choosing the best option.
08.04.2024, 09:59
Buying real estate in the UAE: key steps and recommendations
The UAE is one of the most attractive places to live and invest globally. High technology, luxury and traditional oriental values are harmoniously combined here. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates offer incredible business, leisure and real estate investment opportunities. Purchasing a home here provides the owner with a comfortable and safe haven in one of the most developed corners of the planet and opens the door to many privileges. Let's look together with Antwort Law at how real estate is purchased and what it gives to its owner.
22.05.2024, 09:53
Digital nomad visa in Italy
On April 4, 2024, Italy announced the launch of a new immigration program — a digital nomad visa designed for foreigners who work remotely, have an annual income of at least €32,400 and want to live in the country. In this article, Antwort Law will take a closer look at the benefits of moving to Italy for remote employees and freelancers, and provide useful information on how you can apply for a Digital Nomad visa that allows you to work and live in one of Europe's most scenic locations.
27.05.2024, 09:34
Freelancers in the UAE: opportunities and limitations
The UAE is becoming an increasingly popular destination for freelancers from around the world due to its attractive tax conditions, high standards of banking and residency opportunities. Antwort Law will tell you about who can get a freelance visa in the UAE, what advantages it provides and what restrictions must be taken into account.
29.05.2024, 08:43
Open a company or apply for a freelance visa in the UAE: how to choose the best solution?
The choice between starting a company or applying for a freelance visa in the UAE depends on many factors, including the nature of the activity, expansion plans and business structure. International law firm Antwort Law has prepared a detailed comparison of these two options to help you make the best decision.
31.05.2024, 07:31
Antwort Law office in the UAE turns 2 years old!
Antwort Law office in the UAE turns 2 years old. During this time, our team in Dubai has helped a large number of clients from a variety of business areas - agriculture, IT, trade, logistics, cryptocurrencies, investments and fintech.
05.06.2024, 10:36
Golden Visa in the UAE
In honor of the two-year anniversary of Antwort Law's office in the UAE, we continue our series of informative articles on life and law in the Emirates. Today we will talk about the Golden Visa - a unique opportunity for foreign citizens to obtain long-term residency in this dynamically developing country.
26.06.2024, 09:46
Designated Zones in the UAE
In honor of the second anniversary of our office in Dubai, the international legal consulting company Antwort Law continues a series of articles about business in the UAE and our next article will tell about the designated zones of this country, created to further stimulate economic growth and attract foreign investment. We'll take a closer look at what gated zones are, the benefits they provide, and how your company can take advantage of these zones for your company.
01.07.2024, 11:53
The real underbelly of the passport business: how to avoid fraud
Antwort Law has been successfully operating in the international legal consulting market for 8 years, providing support to clients, including in complex issues of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship. In this article, we would like to highlight the reality of the prospect of becoming a citizen of a foreign country “quickly and for money” and share our experience for those who are serious about obtaining a second passport.
15.07.2024, 09:48
How non-domiciled status affects family members of the status holder
International law firm Antwort Law specializes in comprehensive advice in the field of tax planning and regulation in the UK. One of the most interesting and complex issues in this area is non-domiciled status and its impact on family members of the status holder. In this article, we will look at various aspects and examples to help you better understand how being a non-homeowner can affect your family.
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