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Transaction support and structuring

Not all transactions are the same or similar – this is a fact. Individual transactions are especially important and significant, and a special approach is needed to organize and conduct them. Often, these are transactions for the acquisition or alienation of expensive assets or corporate rights. When the stakes are high and additional risks are unacceptable, it is especially important to have professionals on your side who can properly structure the transaction and monitor its implementation.

Antwort provides a full range of services for structuring and supporting transactions of any complexity. Our team of international lawyers and tax consultants takes into account all aspects of transactions and will help you reduce the associated risks to a minimum:

1. We conduct a due Diligence of your counterparties and the assets themselves
2. We develop the most optimal structure for the transaction
3. We analyze the tax consequences of the transaction
4. We prepare and verify all contracts and contracts for the transaction
5. We receive the necessary documents for the transaction permissions
6. We coordinate payments with banks for their prompt crediting
7. We help in opening escrow accounts or choosing an escrow agent
8. We register/re-register rights to assets and corporate rights upon completion of the transaction

If you are planning to conduct a responsible international transaction – do not take risks, entrust its organization and conduct to Antwort specialists.

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