Why is buying a ready-made company in Spain more profitable?

If you want to start a business in Spain, setting up a company from scratch can take significant time and resources. However, with Antwort Law, you can bypass this complexity by acquiring an existing company from among the promising offers. Let's look at the main advantage of this approach compared to starting a new company.

By purchasing a ready-made company, you save when starting a business:

1) 1.5 - 2 months to register a company and all the procedures for its implementation in tax and business activities: when purchasing an existing company, there is no need to go through all stages of registration, which significantly reduces the time, because re-registration of the company to a new owner will take 2-3 days.

2) 2 weeks to open an account: when purchasing a ready-made company, you will also receive an already opened valid account, the re-registration of which will take 1-2 days.

For maximum efficiency and security, turn to the legal professionals at Antwort Law. Our experts provide comprehensive legal support for companies' acquisitions, ensuring the protection of client interests and compliance with all legal norms and requirements. We will assist in conducting a thorough analysis and assessment of the shelf company to ensure its suitability and alignment with your business objectives. Contacting the professional lawyers of Antwort Law will provide you with reliability and confidence in the successful implementation of your business project in Spain.

Lidia Ivanova

International lawyer
Antwort Law

What is the main advantage of buying a ready-made company in Spain?
Purchasing a ready-made company can significantly reduce the time and costs of starting a business. You don't need to go through the registration process from scratch, which saves up to 2 months on paperwork and up to 2 weeks on opening an account. At Antwort Law we are pleased to offer you a range of ready-made companies in Spain.
What is the process for re-registering a shelf company in Spain to a new owner?
Re-registration of a company to a new owner usually takes only 2-3 days. This process includes preparing the necessary documents and submitting them to the relevant authorities.
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