Foreign companies and accounts

Unblocking and unfreezing of bank accounts

Blocking an account or suspending an operation for an indefinite period can turn into a disaster for most business areas. We must understand that every business can face this.

We live in a time of tightening in the compliance procedure. There are many innovations in the field of control and supervision of banking and financial institutions. Now, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can no longer do with a call to the bank. It is important to have professional support in the person of your legal adviser, who has experience working with global banks.

Often the bank requires to provide certain documents, the preparation of which requires legal and financial literacy, as well as knowledge of compliance procedures. If your case concerns criminal matters, then this is not a problem for real professionals. Don't panic! Antwort experts have the necessary skills to carry out procedures for unblocking current accounts.

If your account is closed or your bank goes bankrupt or perhaps its license has been revoked, then we provide assistance in refunding funds and help open a new account to transfer and save your money.

The Antwort team has unblocked more than 150 accounts in various countries and returned funds of more than $ 10 million to its customers

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31.10.2023, 08:13
Top 3 strangest questions from the bank that we encountered
Over 8 years of working with accounts abroad, Antwort Law is accustomed to the most non-standard questions from banks. It's hard to surprise us, but the next three requests did it.
16.11.2023, 08:00
Top 4 reasons for closing a corporate bank account immediately after opening
Imagine this: you have done a lot of work and successfully opened a corporate account in a foreign bank. And then your brand new account in a foreign bank is blocked and closed! Is this possible, or is such a scenario just a horror story for a business that dares to start working abroad?
14.12.2023, 13:48
Corporate account in Kazakhstan: requirements in 2024
Antwort Law specialists work closely with banks in this region, which allows us to carefully and promptly respond to any changes and trends in opening accounts. With the advent of the new year, 2024, diverse opportunities have opened up, and the need to strategically adapt to advanced trends in banking services has arisen. Let's take a closer look at what innovations can already be noted when opening a corporate account in Kazakhstan.
22.01.2024, 10:58
Loans in the UAE: Legal Aspects and Regulation
When it comes to financial operations in such a dynamically developing economic center as the United Arab Emirates, understanding and complying with local lending legislation becomes critically important. The complexity and variety of financial products available in the UAE require careful consideration and the right approach for both individual borrowers and corporate entities. In this article, we will examine the main aspects of lending in the UAE, covering rules and regulations that companies aiming for successful business operations in the region must consider.
06.03.2024, 13:25
How to open a local bank account for a UK company
A bank account in the UK is the second step to start doing business after registering a company. This process may seem complicated, but with the right approach and following all the necessary steps, it can be completed relatively easily and efficiently with the help of the lawyers at Antwort Law.
25.03.2024, 12:13
The process of obtaining an Emirates ID in the UAE: a detailed guide
The UAE has a booming economy and a high standard of living. Obtaining resident status and opening bank accounts here will be an important step for those planning to invest or develop a business in the region. Antwort Law is happy to assist you at every stage of legal adaptation in the country of your business, and this article provides recommendations to facilitate the process of obtaining an identification document (ID) in the UAE and opening local bank accounts. This short guide will detail every step of this important process, providing you with all the necessary information and guidance.
27.03.2024, 07:52
Closing bank accounts of Russian citizens in the UAE in 2024
In 2024, UAE banks began closing accounts of Russian citizens. This news is causing serious concern among Russians building international businesses, raising many questions and causing uncertainty. Antwort Law seems necessary to understand this issue in such a difficult situation. Let's look at the possible reasons for the Russian citizens' accounts being closed in UAE banks.
15.05.2024, 07:43
Opening a bank account for cryptocurrency transactions
Today, many enterprises and individual investors seek to use cryptocurrencies as an investment asset or a means of settlement with counterparties. However, not every bank is ready to support transactions with cryptocurrencies. Before opening an account and transferring funds to it for transactions on crypto exchanges, it is extremely important to study the bank’s terms of service carefully. The international law firm Antwort Law offers a service for opening corporate bank accounts, specially adapted for working with cryptocurrencies.
30.05.2024, 11:08
New rules for bank transfers for EU companies with Russian participation
On 18 December 2023, the European Union adopted its 12th sanctions package, which includes a new Article 5r in Council Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 of 31 July 2014. Antwort Law explains what additional reporting obligations the EU is introducing for organizations in any way connected with Russia.
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