Foreign companies and accounts

Making changes and closing companies

In order for your business to be effective, you cannot stand still. The company must be alive and any structural changes in the company contribute to this. Such changes may relate to a change of structure, director, shareholder or an increase in the authorized capital.

Working with foreign companies consists not only of the registration and renewal process, but also includes corporate changes throughout the life cycle of the company, as well as its liquidation. If you urgently need to change your legal address, draw up an agreement for a change of ownership, sign a corporate contract or introduce a new director, then our team will help you.

The procedure for making corporate changes and the process of closing a company differ depending on the country. For a hassle-free corporate shift within the company, you need to properly prepare the documents, get the approval of the relevant corporate bodies and submit them through the registrar.

You should not forget that the company whose cycle ends must be properly liquidated so that in the future it does not negatively affect the management itself, the directors and does not bring negative financial consequences. Many businessmen neglect liquidation, but in fact this is the only sure way to put assets in order and solve the tax issue. It is important to understand that the liquidation process is very different depending on the country. Our team knows the requirements for liquidation in different jurisdictions and the key risks that you may face during an independent procedure. Do not risk your future and contact Antwort! We will save your time and give you the right answer!

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03.11.2023, 14:25
Is Singapore the best alternative to the UAE for setting up a company?
Singapore, though distant, holds its allure – is it worth registering a company in this country today?
26.02.2024, 15:34
Ukrainian business in the conditions of war and why businessmen are forced to open companies abroad
Ukraine, like many other countries, is influenced by domestic and foreign political factors. The most significant factor today is war. It led to the introduction of a number of restrictions that have a significant impact on the business environment in Ukraine. Read the new article from the Antwort Law team about which restrictions lead to the fact that Ukrainian businesses have to open a company abroad.
07.03.2024, 09:57
How do you register a company in the UAE?
Registering a company in the UAE is an opportunity to enter the global market with minimal tax obligations. This country provides zero or very low-income tax, fast registration, 100% company control, modern infrastructure, and the possibility of obtaining a resident visa. Antwort Law specializes in providing clients with everything they need to launch a successful international business in the UAE. Let's look at the basic stages of registering a company in this country.
20.03.2024, 10:52
International trust in the UAE has increased: the country's removal from the FATF gray list
The UAE has taken a significant step in strengthening its status in the global economy: the country was removed from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gray list, an international organization that develops and promotes measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The decision was taken at the last FATF meeting held in Paris on February 23, 2024. Thus, the international regulator recognized the efforts of the UAE in the field of ensuring financial stability and security.
01.04.2024, 14:34
Rules of substance (economic presence; substance ) of a company in the UAE: what do you need to know?
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and investors worldwide due to its favourable business climate and constant desire for development, reflected in zero income taxes, speed and automation of business processes. However, according to the UAE Economic Substance Rules, companies must maintain substance (economic presence) to operate in the UAE. Let's examine the UAE's main standard requirements for substance with Antwort Law.
17.04.2024, 13:59
Doing business in the UAE: cultural and legal features
The UAE, a country of seven emirates on the Persian Gulf coast, has emerged in recent decades as an important international hub for business and investment. Its favorable business environment, attractive tax system and strategic location attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, when doing business in the UAE, it is necessary to take into account both the cultural and legal features of this country, on the understanding of which your success depends. Let's take a closer look at these aspects with Antwort Law.
22.04.2024, 08:42
How to close a company in the UAE?
Change is an inevitable factor in the world of business and investment, and in some cases companies are forced to go through the process of liquidation due to various circumstances: change in strategy, unwillingness to continue operations or other reasons. In the UAE, where business goes hand in hand with rapid development, winding up a company requires strict adherence to laws and procedures. Antwort Law talks about the stages and requirements of this procedure for those facing the need to liquidate their enterprise in the UAE.
06.05.2024, 11:18
The cost of registering companies in Britain has increased from May 1, 2024!
The cost of registering companies in Britain has increased from May 1, 2024! This is due to the increase in official fees of the Register of Companies of Great Britain - Companies House. Also, the price increase affected other services of the Register, such as making changes, submitting reports and liquidating the company. Depending on the specific service, the cost of official fees has increased by 2-3 times.
31.05.2024, 07:31
Antwort Law office in the UAE turns 2 years old!
Antwort Law office in the UAE turns 2 years old. During this time, our team in Dubai has helped a large number of clients from a variety of business areas - agriculture, IT, trade, logistics, cryptocurrencies, investments and fintech.
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