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How do I get information on legal issues if they relate to international or foreign law? You can search for an answer on the Internet, or ask for advice from friends who do business in the country you are interested in and have encountered similar cases. But will such an answer be right for you?

The easiest way to get the right answer to questions on international or foreign law is to contact Antwort. We guarantee high quality legal advice, because we:

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20.07.2022, 09:31
The FCA has imposed a ban on the Binance exchange carrying out operations with cryptocurrency
The financial regulator of the United Kingdom (FCA) has officially refused the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance to carry out legal activities on the territory of the state
22.06.2020, 15:48
Register a company with an account in the UK
Registration of a company in England — all the Pros and Cons Every day the popularity of ordinary offshore companies is falling – it has become extremely inconvenient to use them in the structure of international business due to the great difficulties in opening bank accounts and maintaining confidentiality. Most developed countries have already adopted laws on Controlled Foreign companies (CFC) and joined the automatic exchange of tax information, […]
24.06.2020, 11:08
The personal income tax rate (personal income tax) will increase in Russia
For 20 years, Russia has maintained a flat scale of personal income tax (personal income tax) — regardless of the amount of income, all citizens paid a tax of 13% of their income to the state budget. On June 23, 2020, the President of the Russian Federation in his next televised address announced an increase in the personal income tax rate from 13 to […]
25.06.2020, 17:26
What are the disadvantages of accounts in payment systems that everyone is silent about?
Opening an account in the payment system for a foreign company is an extremely popular solution today. This is not surprising, given the difficult situation with the opening and operation of current accounts in classical banks. On the topic of the advantages of an account in a payment system, you can find a lot of information – from banal advertising of the payment systems themselves to various profile (and not only) articles. At first glance, […]
30.06.2020, 06:04
The Netherlands has adopted a law on the register of beneficiaries
The Dutch Senate has passed a law on the introduction of the register of ultimate beneficiaries of owners of legal entities (UBOs). The new register will contain all personal information about the ultimate beneficial owners of legal entities in the Netherlands. Such innovations are a clear echo of the recent changes in the AML policy of Europe. In the Netherlands, the register will be part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry's trade register. Some information about the beneficial owner […]
30.06.2020, 12:29
Russia terminates the Agreement on avoidance of double taxation with Cyprus
  "The main offshore of Russia" stops working? Cyprus is a very popular country for structuring international business. Especially Cyprus, with its low taxes for local companies and trusts to preserve confidentiality, businessmen from the CIS like to use. Cyprus is often a connecting link through which capital is transferred from CIS countries to offshore and back. In particular, according to the Central Bank […]
01.07.2020, 15:19
It will become more difficult to open a bank account in the Baltic States
The Baltic countries have been used for many years by businessmen from all over the world as a window into the banking world of Europe. Geographical proximity to the CIS and widespread knowledge of the Russian language by residents of the Baltic countries have made opening accounts in banks in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia a very popular solution for entrepreneurs from the CIS and, especially, Russia. An additional cherry on the cake has always been inexpensive service, simplicity […]
06.07.2020, 17:51
Protect the content on the site from copyright infringement
Antwort Law Practical Experiment (Part 1) We should immediately note that we will NOT talk in this publication about what copyrights are, how the content on the website relates to them, what value it represents and what theoretical methods of copyright protection for content exist – enough has already been written about this. BUT if you encounter […]
16.10.2023, 16:42
How to confirm the source of funds for a bank?
We will talk about a very important requirement that everyone who will open or use accounts abroad will probably encounter, namely confirmation of funds’ source you will deposit into the account.
24.10.2023, 07:38
The EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages. How will it affect the operations of European digital platforms?
In 2022, the European Parliament adopted the Directive on Adequate Minimum Wage, which is intended to facilitate the establishment of a legislative minimum wage level in all EU member states. Thanks to this document, by 2024, all workers in the European Union should receive a fair and adequate wage regardless of their place of residence.
31.10.2023, 08:13
Top 3 strangest questions from the bank that we encountered
Over 8 years of working with accounts abroad, Antwort Law is accustomed to the most non-standard questions from banks. It's hard to surprise us, but the next three requests did it.
22.11.2023, 15:31
What are you actually paying for when you buy a nominal service?
In our article, we share what to pay attention to when choosing a business provider, how to avoid risks, protect your business, and use the nominal service to maximum advantage.
23.11.2023, 15:33
Banks now monitor you on the internet
Banks now monitor you on the internet. But how and why? How to successful passage through the adverse media screening.
27.11.2023, 15:56
What is the difference between passive and active companies?
Suppose you have opened a foreign account for a company or are in the process of opening one. In that case, you have probably encountered questions in the questionnaire about its international classification: financial/non-financial, passive/active. It is no coincidence that these criteria are included in the questionnaire, as they significantly affect your tax bill.
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