Foreign companies and accounts

Do you need to register a foreign company? Do you urgently need an account in a respectable international bank?

North or South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Africa - no matter which market you want to work in, Antwort experts will help you!

More than 50 countries, more than 200 options for banks and other financial institutions - the geography of your business will no longer have boundaries. Among the variety of companies, countries and accounts, we will select exactly those solutions that will be most effective for you.

Do you need to obtain corporate documents for a company? Need help choosing a jurisdiction (country of registration)? Do you want to know if your bank will be able to process the payment without any problems? Do you want to be sure that the local director will quickly respond to your instructions? By opening a foreign company or an account with Antwort, you get full multifaceted support in their subsequent use and maintenance.

Discover the full range of the best corporate and banking services from Antwort.

Do I need a financial institution license?
There is a wide variety of financial companies involved in regulated activities. Most of them require an appropriate license.
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