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Full legal support of IT companies and startups

Antwort specialists have extensive experience in legal support of large IT projects and developing startups. We are well aware of the subtleties and details of international legislation in the IT field.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with full support for the registration of IT companies, the launch of Internet startups, the conclusion of international smart contracts, the preparation of offers, memoranda and the preparation of tax opinions.

Antwort has a successful experience in bringing IT companies to foreign markets and distributing foreign software. We help to properly organize the legal scheme of work taking into account national and international law, reduce tax risks and solve problems of currency control.

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24.10.2023, 07:38
The EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages. How will it affect the operations of European digital platforms?
In 2022, the European Parliament adopted the Directive on Adequate Minimum Wage, which is intended to facilitate the establishment of a legislative minimum wage level in all EU member states. Thanks to this document, by 2024, all workers in the European Union should receive a fair and adequate wage regardless of their place of residence.
03.11.2023, 14:25
Is Singapore the best alternative to the UAE for setting up a company?
Singapore, though distant, holds its allure – is it worth registering a company in this country today?
19.02.2024, 10:16
Is registration of a company in the USA the best solution for an IT startup?
Choosing a country to register an IT startup is a key stage in planning your business. Many countries offer optimal conditions for IT companies, providing tax incentives and convenient business infrastructure. For example, due to low taxes, Cyprus is attractive for software development companies: income tax is only 2%, and dividend tax is only 2%.
04.03.2024, 11:05
Choosing a free zone for registering a company in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world not only with one of the most favourable income tax rates but also with an outstanding banking sector, innovative infrastructure and the opportunity to obtain tax residency through company registration and avoid the international exchange of tax information.
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