Foreign companies and accounts

Opening merchant accounts and enabling acquiring

Business has long gone online. Most of our clients are global IT companies with international platforms.

Acquiring is a payment for services and goods carried out using a POS terminal. The option that does not require the physical use of a bank card is called remote acquiring, or Internet acquiring. The mechanism of such payment involves the use of electronic payment systems and a specialized web address. Our team will help to introduce acquiring into your business processes and facilitate your work.

An equally important tool of modern online business is a merchant account. This is a necessary condition for registering an Internet acquiring. A merchant account or merchant account is a component of acquiring and is actually a trading account that receives payments made by the buyer. Usually, the merchant account is linked to the recipient's main bank account. Merchant account will allow you to reach a new level of interaction with customers, earn their respect, increase demand for the product or service being sold.

Opening a Merchant account allows you to accept card payments on the website. Merchant account is a conditional concept that implies a relationship between a bank, your company and a processing center on the basis of an agreement. According to it, the funds received from sales paid for with customers' plastic cards will be credited to your bank account. This is a fairly complex product that will not work without the help of professionals. We have a wide network of partnership agreements with payment systems and electronic platforms. Antwort does not abandon its customers. We help not only to open an account, but also to unblock it or pass verification when changing the structure within your company.

The Antwort team will introduce Internet acquiring into your business and open a merchant account for you in the shortest possible time. We will be with you throughout the entire life cycle of the company!

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06.10.2023, 10:53
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