Buying real estate in the UAE: key steps and recommendations

The UAE is one of the most attractive places to live and invest globally. High technology, luxury and traditional oriental values are harmoniously combined here. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates offer incredible business, leisure and real estate investment opportunities. Purchasing a home here provides the owner with a comfortable and safe haven in one of the most developed corners of the planet and opens the door to many privileges. Let's look together with Antwort Law at how real estate is purchased and what it gives to its owner.

First, let's take a closer look at exactly what benefits real estate ownership in the UAE provides:

1) No income tax or real estate tax;

2) High level of safety and quality of life;

3) Potential for obtaining stable rental income due to high demand and tourist attractiveness of the region;

4) Opportunity to obtain an investor visa (more below).

Now let's look at the procedure for buying real estate in this country step by step:

Choosing an object is the first step on the path to purchase. The UAE market offers a variety of properties, from ultra-modern apartments to luxury villas. When choosing, it is important to consider the location, area infrastructure and potential rental income.

Signing the contract and depositing are the key points that secure your intentions. Typically, the deposit is 10% of the property's cost and confirms the seriousness of your intentions.

Permits from the developer and local authorities are necessary to complete the transaction, confirming the absence of debt and the right to sell.

Registration of the transaction with the Land Department is the final step, during which the transfer of ownership and payment of the remaining amount takes place.

Visa for purchasing real estate

Foreign investors can expect to receive an investor visa, which entitles them to long-term stay in the country. It is an excellent opportunity to own real estate in the UAE and fully enjoy the benefits of life in this country. There are two main categories of visas:

1) for investors who have invested more than 1 million dirhams in real estate, a visa is granted for three years

2) a "golden visa" for investors who have invested significantly larger amounts is granted for up to 10 years.

There are many benefits to buying property in the UAE, but as with any investment, there are certain risks and challenges. Let's examine investors' main disadvantages in the UAE real estate market.

1) High market volatility, which may affect real estate investments;

2) Strict laws and regulations may be easier for foreign investors to understand with professional assistance.

Conducting a thorough document check and legal clearance of the property before purchasing is important. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of professional consultants and lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the local market and can provide valuable advice at every transaction stage.

Investing in UAE real estate not only offers you the opportunity to own luxury housing in one of the most prestigious locations in the world but also provides several economic and social benefits. It is important to remember that for a successful purchase, you need to seek the services of professionals who will help you avoid pitfalls and ensure the legal purity of the transaction. Antwort Law has reliable partners in the UAE real estate industry who will provide you with comprehensive support at all purchase stages. By taking advantage of our joint experience and connections, you can make your investment profitable and safe. We invite you to discover the world of opportunities that the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates offers with a trusted partner by your side.

Lidia Ivanova

International Lawyer
Antwort Law

What are the benefits of owning real estate in the UAE?
The main advantage is that there is no income tax, so investors can get maximum profit from their real estate investments. Other advantages are a high level of security and the possibility of obtaining an investor visa.
What types of visas are available to investors?
Foreign investors can obtain a 3-year visa for investments of more than Dh1 million, or a golden visa for up to 10 years for significantly larger investments.
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