Online platform UAE Legislation: convenient access to all laws

The UAE is known for its Arabic culture, and many entrepreneurs are concerned about local legislation's peculiarities. However, we note that, despite its special traditions, the country is open and secular and, in many aspects of the legislation, is even ahead of advanced Western countries.

Committed to digitalization and innovation, the UAE government is actively investing in developing digital technologies, including e-government services and digital platforms, making registration and business processes even more convenient and transparent.

A striking example of such progressiveness was the launch of a unified base of laws, "UAE Legislation", created and supervised by the General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet of Ministers. This platform is an indispensable tool that brings together 741 federal acts adopted in the country since its creation in 1971.

The modern and user-friendly interface lets you quickly find the necessary standards using a convenient search by categories and filters. For example, in the "Economy and Business" section, you can see 59 laws regulating various aspects of commercial activity:

  •     commercial transactions;
  •     commercial organizations;
  •     family companies;
  •     SMEs; commercial agencies;
  •     trademarks;
  •     enterprise competition;
  •     combating commercial fraud;
  •     anti-dumping;
  •     consumer rights Protection;
  •     National Economic Register;
  •     financial restructuring and bankruptcy.

With UAE Legislation, doing business in the UAE has become even easier. However, you may find it difficult to understand the law, communicate with government agencies, and spend time drafting and reviewing contracts and other documents. In that case, Antwort Law is ready to provide you with all the necessary advice and assistance at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE. Please take the opportunity to enter the thriving UAE market and contact us for professional support.

Lidia Ivanova

International lawyer
Antwort Law

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Where can I find all UAE laws in one place?
UAE Legislation is an online platform developed by the General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet of Ministers, combining 741 federal laws adopted in the country since 1971. This platform is the most comprehensive legal guide to UAE laws, providing easy access to regulations in various areas. There you will find laws, decrees and regulations related to various areas of life in the UAE, including laws on commerce, finance, real estate, labor laws and many other aspects.
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