Investment company in the UAE

In recent years, the UAE has established itself as one of the world's leading financial centers, attracting investors with a stable economy, favorable tax policy and developed infrastructure. In 2024, Antwort Law's Dubai office officially celebrates its two-year anniversary, during which time we have supported dozens of entrepreneurs from around the world to open and operate their companies in the UAE. Our clients also include many investment companies, so we would like to share our experience with such entities to show all the advantages of doing investment business in the UAE.

The key advantage of working in the UAE is the absence of income taxes and a low VAT rate of only 5% subject to certain conditions. Also, when registering an investment company in a free zone, for example, IFZA (International Free Zone Authority), you get a high level of confidentiality, a short registration period and minimum requirements for presence in the country (substance).

The following licenses are available for investment companies:

1) General Investment Management&Operation (Management of investments and projects)

2) Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management Commercial Brokers

3) Investment in Technological Enterprises & Management

4) Project Management Services: management and direction of project processes from beginning to end regarding planning, organization, motivation and control of resources, procedures to achieve all project goals. Includes management of budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational goals, planning , development of schedules to ensure timely completion of projects.

Stages of registration of an investment company

1) Selection of the legal structure and submission of documents: the process begins with the selection of the appropriate legal form of the company and the preparation of the necessary package of documents, including a scan of the founder's foreign passport, confirmation of the address of residence and other documents confirming financial reliability.

2) Obtaining licenses and visas: it is necessary to obtain relevant licenses for conducting activities selected from the proposed list, such as investment and project management, investment in commercial and technological enterprises. Company registration is followed by the process of obtaining a UAE resident visa for the founders.

The cost of opening an investment company starts at $50,000, most of which is government tax. The high cost of the company is further paid off in the work with the help of tax minimization. Also, an important part of the process is opening a corporate bank account, which can take from 1.5 to 2.5 months and requires a large package of documents.

When opening a company in the UAE, investors receive not only financial benefits, but also confidence in the stability and security of their investments. By turning to Antwort Law, you get not only legal support at all stages of registration and business management, but also access to extensive expertise in the field of tax optimization and international law.

Diana Gulevskaya

Antwort Law

What are the advantages of running an investment business in the UAE?
The UAE has no income taxes, a low VAT rate (5%), a high level of confidentiality, a short registration period and minimal requirements for physical presence.
What are the stages of registering an investment company in the UAE?
Steps include choosing a legal structure and filing documents, obtaining licenses and visas, and opening a corporate bank account. Prices start at $50,000.
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