Company UA United LLC is ready for sale

We present to your attention a ready-made company UA United LLC for sale in the United States, which you can purchase right now.

Why should you buy this particular company?

  • Stability: Incorporated in Florida in 2022, UA United LLC has been successfully operating for two years without tax issues, which proves their reliability and business integrity.
  • Diversification of activities: In addition to consulting services, the company successfully engaged in car rental and export of goods. The company has the right to engage in any permitted activity that provides a variety of sources of income.
  • Financial stability: The company has an account with Bank of America and turnover for the year 2023 was $200,000.00, which indicates their successful financial position.
  • Established credit history: The account has been open since 2022, allowing the company to have an established credit history, opening the door to a variety of financing options, including business loans.

UA United LLC can become a reliable tool for your business in the USA.

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