Registration of companies in Asia. Where to open a business?

Most of the major international companies and holdings are based in Asia. Recently, many Western companies want to develop and open in China, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Asia attracts trade, industrial and large IT companies from all over the world with its rapid economic growth. What are the world-famous companies Alibaba, WeChat and Xiaomi worth.

Asia offers investors and entrepreneurs favorable and simple conditions for the registration of companies, an attractive tax regime, convenient and reliable banking, stability of the legal and financial system.

Today we will talk about business registration in three of the most presentable Asian jurisdictions that combine comfort, reliability and stability: Hong Kong (China), Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Hong Kong as a new world for international projects

Hong Kong is one of the world powers, which is a major financial center of the world and contributes to the solution of such tasks as: tax optimization, creation of holding structures, receipt of dividends and financing of investment projects.

Despite the crisis, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing Hong Kong when starting a business. Hong Kong is keeping up with the times not only in terms of the economic component, but also in the banking sector, as well as in the development of a new regulatory framework for international projects. For example, in 2020, in Hong Kong, Venture Smart Asia received permission to launch the first official crypto fund in Hong Kong. For the first time, the regulator has granted permission to create such a mechanism since the entry into force of the new requirements. This opportunity may be of interest to many investors and entrepreneurs.

The company registration process itself is quite simple and will not take more than five days. However, it is important to know what documents to prepare in order to legally and competently protect your company and prevent problems in the future. To do this, be sure to contact trusted and reliable lawyers. Our specialists are always ready to help you.

Problems often arise at the stage of opening an account for a company. Chinese banks are considered world leaders in reliability and speed of work, but also leaders in compliance when opening an account. It is important to understand what evidence base you need to provide to pass the compliance procedure. Antwort has partnerships with such banks as OCBC, Standard Chartered, Hang Sengbank and Bank of China.

In times of crisis and pandemic, a huge plus is the ability to open an account for a company remotely and in a short time. Antwort company will do it for you!

Singapore as a place for your business headquarters

More and more companies are relocating their offices to Singapore. What attracts everyone to Singapore?

To begin with, the registration of the company takes place remotely, which is important in modern conditions. The registration secretary assumes all obligations for the management of the company and any accounting issues, which greatly facilitates the life of businessmen. Singapore, like Hong Kong, has a simple tax regime with a permanent corporate rate of 17%. However, if you use the tax regime correctly, you will be able to reduce your tax to almost zero. It is important to find professional tax specialists and entrust your business to them.

When registering a company in Singapore, many clients are faced with the mandatory requirement that the company has a resident director. There is nothing wrong with this condition, but it is important to choose a "clean" director for your business. Check and clarify information with professionals and do not risk the future. An unreliable director promises problems for your business.

Antwort Law specialists will open a company for you in Singapore, select a reliable director and open operational accounts in banks.


UAE as a new mecca for business

The UAE is the only white jurisdiction that has a closed register of companies and zero taxation, fixed at the legislative level.

If you are no longer new to the business industry and want to reach a new level, then you definitely need to choose the Emirates to promote your project. The presence of a huge number of frisons with various types of licenses attracts investors from all over the world. Moreover, the scope of your business will determine the registration of the company in the corresponding freezone. The UAE not only gives 0% tax to businessmen, but also helps to obtain residency, thus solving the issue of automatic information exchange. Therefore, most of the well-known technology startups have settled in the Arab Emirates.

Company registration is a process consisting of the following stages:

1) Preparation of documents for company registration
2) Submission of documents to local Authorities of a particular frison
3) Company registration and receipt of constituent documents and lease agreement
4) Preparation of documents for obtaining an investor visa
5) Opening an immigration dossier for the founder
6) Obtaining an entry permit
7) Medical examination in approved institutions
8) Affixing a visa
9) Opening an account for the company
10) Issuing an investor ID card

If any of the stages fails, there is a great risk that you will be left without a company, without a visa and without an account. Do not risk your funds, entrust the procedure for starting a business to specialists. The Antwort team is in touch with its customers 24/7. We are always there to sort out your questions.

It is important to understand that Asia and the above countries for the registration of companies allow their owners to create any logistics for business. Asian companies are suitable for working with both Asian and European partners.

Antwort lawyers have experience working with Asian countries and will be happy to launch your business project as soon as possible. We not only know the system of work in Asian countries, but also are highly qualified in solving internal tax, accounting and corporate issues of the company.

Value your time- contact Antwort!

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