Difficulties in making currency payments for Alfa-Bank clients

Recently, Alfa-Bank has been experiencing failures. Many customers complain about problems with currency transfers. Users face delays in sending payments and even refusal to make some payments outside the Russian Federation. Foreign companies with current accounts in Alpha do talk about problems in transferring any transactions. Sending payments to some destinations (such as the UAE) has become almost impossible at all.

Alfa Bank is one of the best commercial banks in Russia. During the difficult period of the pandemic for everyone, many banks are losing their grip. Turnover is declining, the crisis does not spare anyone. The financial crisis primarily affects commercial banks. There has been a serious stir around Alfa-Bank in recent months. There are even rumors that the bank is preparing for bankruptcy. However, the owners of the bank refute such rumors.


What is the problem of delay or refusal of transfer for Alfa-Bank customers?

First of all, both for individuals and companies, this threatens to violate the deadlines for receiving the expected amounts to the accounts. When calculating the deadline for making a payment to Alfa-Bank customers today, it is better to immediately mortgage a few days more than you usually planned.

Another negative consequence of problems in the work of Alfa-Bank will be the failure or untimely conclusion of important customer transactions. The delay of the day of payment under the contract or the transfer of the advance payment on time can greatly damage the reputation of the company and jeopardize the whole transaction.

Of course, this is not a complete list of possible problems, but it is the cases described above that are most common in the work of clients.


How to minimize the negative consequences of problems in the work of banks?

You should always be prepared for such surprises of banks. To do this, you must have an airbag that will always help your business. What kind of pillow is this?

Of course, the Antwort Law team advises you to always have 2 (second) accounts per company in order to separate the flows and not risk all the funds on one single account.

Our Antwort Law specialists will help you open accounts for your companies in the world's best banks and payment systems. We select effective and working solutions for our clients. Do not panic if your account is no longer working as before. Contact Antwort — we will always give the right answer!

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